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DIY Holiday Wreath

Tags: Grapefruit | Orange

About this Project:

Here’s a festive craft project that’ll set the holiday tone. Build your own holiday wreath!

Items Needed:

  • A Styrofoam ring from local dollar store
  • BlueHenry dried fruit slices
  • Bow / Ribbon


  • Glue (Glue gun recommended)


  1. Prepare a ring purchased from local dollar store or update any pre-owned wreath
  2. Arrange BlueHenry slices in layers
  3. Glue the back of slices on to the ring in desired position
  4. Add bow or ribbon to decorate
  5. Consider embellishing with seasonal elements like cinnamon or leaves (optional)
  6. Tip: Since our fruit slices are fresh for up to a year, you may consider using an acrylic spray to preserve for longer.
  7. Tip 2: This idea also works as a table centerpiece

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