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BlueHenry’s Story

Founded with passion and purpose, learn how we strive to make a positive impact in our community and create meaningful connections with our customers.

story of BlueHenry
Adrienne Walker
BlueHenry Owner & Operator
Former FDA Executive Officer, now Mixologist.

A Message from Our Founder

“The smiles I get when people use these products continue to inspire me.”

As a family who loves to entertain and make those parties fun for our guests – we struggled with how to do that without spending all of our time hosting rather than enjoying our guests. Well, these products solve that problem.

We select the finest, simplest all-natural ingredients to create flavor. We prioritize local, American-made, small business resources where possible for ingredient sourcing. We infuse multiple subtle but elevating ingredients into our glass rimming salts and sugars. 95% of our flavor extracts are made in house. And the results are just plain fun!

Friends, Hospitality and Fun – Adrienne loves to entertain her girlfriends and she loves a great party – and usually that involves a great cocktail. Adrienne became intrigued with how the craft cocktail industry is evolving and began looking for a way to contribute that could be all natural, approachable and easy.

“Whether making cocktails for friends or for customers, we want to make sure every occasion is special occasion. A quality cocktail is a way to show appreciation for those that are special to us and celebrate them. So, I came up with a product line that makes it easy to deliver with excellence. And I have fun making new things everyday.”

story of BlueHenry

Who is BlueHenry?

BlueHenry was our laid back but spirited family dog – a rescue beagle mix. Blue represented fun, ease and lively hospitality, so when it was time to choose a name for the business and the logo, we thought he was perfect. Plus everyone who met Blue, never forgot his name.

BlueHenry continues to support pet rescues and adoptions. Blue is no longer with us, but we are now enjoying a nurturing Labrador mix rescue.

story of BlueHenry

The BlueHenry Philosophy

Welcome to the heart of BlueHenry, where our philosophy thrives on craftsmanship, exceptional quality, and sustainability. We pride ourselves on producing high-quality ingredients that are carefully sourced and crafted with utmost care. Our commitment to natural goodness means we steer clear of chemicals, artificial flavors, dyes, and sweeteners. We believe that the purest ingredients yield the most remarkable creations, making your experience truly extraordinary.

story of BlueHenry

Our Values In Action

From our commitment to the development of our staff, to detailed production practices to our dedication to causes close to our hearts, we bring our values to life each day.  All of these elements enable us to provide the highest-quality ingredients to our customers.  We actively support causes that promote environmental conservation, community development, and social empowerment. With each purchase, you join us in making a positive impact, ensuring that our values extend beyond our products and into the world we share.

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Questions? Interested in custom products or bulk quantities of bar supplies? Need portioned packs of dehydrated fruit or rimming salts or sugars?

If you can’t find the quantity or selection of what you are looking for in our current stock then, please connect with us. We would love to hear from you!

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story of BlueHenry

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