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Need assistance? Look no further! Find answers in our FAQs or reach out to our team. We’re here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is BlueHenry?

Oh Blue Henry? Blue Henry, named after our founder’s laid-back but spirited family dog. We miss you Blue Henry but your legacy lives on.

We Would Love for You to Sponsor Our Event. How Can We Contact You?

Although we are very selective on the events we sponsor, we’re open to see if we are a good fit. Contact us at with your opportunity or call us at 240-619-4856.

Do Your Products Contain Alcohol?

No. Our products are great additions to help enhance your cocktails, mocktails, or other creations.

Are Your Products Organic?

We source the finest and simplest all-natural ingredients to create each flavor in our product line. Most of our fruit is simply nutritious – not necessarily organic. We are free from high fructose corn syrup, gluten, preservatives and artificial flavors.

How Do We Keep Our Products Fresh?

All-natural products will always have a shorter shelf-life than those that have preservatives.
Dehydrating and candying are natural ways to preserve fruits. By removing the moisture there is no food supply for microorganisms to thrive. By washing the fruit very well we also avoid contamination. Once the products are processed by us, we package immediately in air tight packaging to reduce spoilage.

Because we don’t use preservatives you may see your items start to darken in color over time. This is natural. Be sure to still pay attention to the ‘Best By’ date to make sure you consume your purchase within the time that the flavor it’s at its height.

Do You Make Custom Products & Flavors?

Need a special order? Please contact us at

We’d Love to Sell BlueHenry. How?

Visit our wholesale page to learn more on how you can order our products to resell.

Can I Buy Through Amazon Prime?

Of course! Many of our products are available for purchase via Amazon Prime.

  • Amazon shoppers must be Prime members or have the ability to sign up to be a Prime member in order to purchase using ‘Buy with Prime’ for free shipping.
  • An accurate delivery promise is displayed with items that are eligible for Prime delivery benefits.
  • To make a purchase with ‘Buy with Prime’, shoppers use their Amazon Pay wallet and default to their saved shipping information and payment methods from their Amazon account.
  • Shoppers receive automated email notifications from Amazon when the order is confirmed, shipped, and delivered.

Where Can We Find BlueHenry?

There are several ways to order BlueHenry products.

  • For bulk and wholesale orders, visit this page.
  • As mentioned above, many of our products are available for purchase on Amazon.
  • You can find us across the country at select specialty stores and retailers using this map.
  • If you are located near our production facility in Capitol Heights, MD, you have the ability to pick-up locally.
  • Sign up for our Newsletter below to find out about pop-up shops we may be participating in.


Our products are handcrafted just for you. We ship in 1-2 business days.

We are always looking for the most affordable means to get your product to you via USPS. When you place items in your cart, you can see the shipping estimate before you place your order. If we are able to get you a cheaper rate while preparing your items for shipment, we will refund the difference to your account.

If one of your selected products is on backorder, we will ship everything in stock out to you immediately and then the backordered product when it’s prepared – if it is expected to be back in stock within a week. If a backordered product is not expected to be in stock within a week we will simply refund you for that item.

If you request expedited Priority Express shipping, we will ship either the same business day (for orders before 2pm eastern) or the next business day.

Wholesale and bulk orders ship via UPS.

Who Do I Contact if Something Went Wrong With My Order? What is Your Return Policy?

That’s rare, but in case of a hiccup please use our contact at or call 240-619-4856. We will work with you to rectify the situation. We do not accept returned merchandise but depending on the situation will either refund you or send you out a replacement.

If you received an item packaged in glass that was damaged in transit – Please take a picture, email the photo to us so that we can discuss a refund or replacement and then discard the product. Do not attempt to consume a product that has broken glass.

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Questions? Interested in custom products? Need portioned packs of dehydrated fruit or rimming salts or sugars?
If you have an idea and can’t find what you are looking for in our current stock then, please connect with us. We would love to hear from you!

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