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BlueHenry garnishes (rimmers and dehydrated fruit) purchased using Buy with Prime.
Only the small sizes of the dehydrated fruit are available via Buy with Prime.


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  • Single BlueHenry dehydrated lime wheel

    Dehydrated Limes

  • Single BlueHenry dehydrated orange wheel

    Dehydrated Oranges

  • Single BlueHenry dehydrated lemon wheel

    Dehydrated Lemons

  • BlueHenry single dehydrated pineapple wheel

    Dehydrated Pineapple

  • blood orange

    Dehydrated Blood Oranges

  • dehydrated grapefruit

    Dehydrated Grapefruit

  • dehydrated apple

    Dehydrated Apples

  • Packaged dried fruit garnish variety pack.

    Gift Pack – Multiple Fruits

  • Blue Henry Blackberry cocktail rimmer packaging.

    Blackberry Rimming Sugar/Salt