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A Refreshing Tea + Mocktail Box has Arrived

July 3rd, 2024
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The Ultimate Tea Mocktail Box for summer relaxation
BlueHenry x Tiffanie Barriere x Brooklyn Tea Mocktail Box Collaboration

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Any day splashing at the pool, sitting lakeside on a boat, or just taking in summer vibes calls for an iced drink to cool off from the blistering heat. Nothing screams summer like an Iced Tea! Especially an Iced Tea based mocktail to sip in style with friends and family.

Elevate any summer soiree with the Ultimate Tea Mocktail Box, carefully crafted by the one and only “Drinking Coach,” Tiffanie Barriere, in collaboration with Brooklyn Tea and BlueHenry!

Inspired by her travels and the diverse ways people around the globe experience tea, Barriere hand-picked tea blends from Brooklyn Tea and enlisted the help of BlueHenry to bring to life her vision for a dynamic sweet and savory accompaniment in the form of a sugar cube to add further depth in to the mix. And what’s any beverage without topping it off with BlueHenry’s craft dehydrated fruit garnish!

Barriere is not new to experimentation with flavor profiles and natural ingredients. In her daily role as a mixologist and spirits educator, finding a perfect balance in her creations is the key to the ideal refreshment.

Included in each box is a –

  • 5 oz. tin of Brooklyn Tea Loose Leaf Tea
  • 11 oz. box of Spicy | Bright | and Savory Sugar Cube varieties
  • and a 2 oz. box of BlueHenry Dehydrated Lemons.

Barriere combined BlueHenry’s mastery of extracting the essence of fruits in our craft drink garnishes with her own take on the sugar cube that typically accompanies tea. The Ultimate Tea Mocktail Boxes will carry three unique blends of sugar cubes — from a “Bright” sugar cube to a “Savory” one and even a “Spicy” flavor profile — for any tea lover to marry with the lively flavors of Brooklyn Tea.

Mixing and matching is the name of the game with the Ultimate Tea Mocktail Box but Barriere offers tea lovers her pairing suggestions to complement the flavor profiles of each ingredient.

To capture the summer with a “Bright” flavor profile, the mixologist recommends coupling the Grapefruit, Lemongrass and Kumquat-flavored sugar cube with the Well-kanda Tea. The light, sweet, smooth and refreshing flavor of Well-kanda Tea will be sure to pair well with the “Bright” sugar cube.

If a “Savory” mocktail is on the menu, be sure to include the Basil, Coriander, Cilantro, and Wheatgrass-inspired sugar cube with Nettle Tea. Pairing well with the “Savory” sugar cube, Nettle Tea offers robust herbal notes that are rich in flavor and aroma.

Contrasting both flavor profiles offered in the Ultimate Tea Mocktail Box, the “Spicy” sugar cube infused with Cayenne, Ginger, and Paprika is best paired with Mango Rooibos tea.

Whether your style is Bright, Savory or Spicy, any mocktail is not complete without a BlueHenry lemon garnish to top off the expertly crafted beverage.

Give the gift of Tea Mocktails this summer with the Ultimate Tea Mocktail Box and enjoy a sophisticated twist on a classic summer favorite.

Shop the box here!

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